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Skip Tracing Services

Skip Tracing Services

Skip Tracing Services is an important part of a professional repossession company. Nationwide employs a complete team that are highly trained at what they do.

Most other repo companies may have issues finding your vehicle because they do not put everything into their skip department.

Our skip tracing services are contingent upon if we locate your vehicle. If we are not able to successfully find your property, we do not charge any fee.

Keep in mind occasionally certain cases can take some time to track down and locate your property.

This could be because someone is successfully hiding your property. When this happens it does take a little extra time but again, we are very successful in most cases even when this occurs.

What Exactly Is Skip Tracing

In the event your property cannot be easily located, skip tracing is then put into action. Skip tracing is the art of tracking down your vehicle or property.

We may do this via the phone, computer or even snail mail.

And, the more information you can provide us with the better the results will be.

Many times customers are able to give us information that easily allows us to track down anything. Other times we have to put our skills to work more.

If you are able to provide anything like a utility bill or information the person might have last used their credit card, please let us know.

Agents Who Act Fast

With many repo cases time is of the essence and you need to act fast. As soon as you hire us an agent gets to work right away on your case.

We have many skip tracing agents who bring different elements to the table and all team members work together to find what is rightfully yours.

High-Level Technology Used

We use state of the art equipment to find each and every single repossession. Every year we make sure everything we own is in good working order.

We maintain powerful computers and use databases that allow us to find many cases very easily. This is what sets us apart from other repossession companies and allows us to track everything very fast.

Getting Your Property Back

In the event, you are having issues obtaining your property give us a call. After you phone us we’ll let you know if we can take your case. And, in most cases, we usually can.

When you have the green light, we’ll ask you to fill out our hold harmless agreement. Once, you send the documents back to us, we’ll be able to get started with your case.

We Are Taking Cases Now

We are currently taking skip tracing cases now. Please call us with any questions you might have. One of our customer service agents will gladly help.

Our Skip tracing services are our secret weapon to help you get everything back that you want.