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Repo Company

Fast, Professional Repo Company Serving All 50 States In The U.S.A

Hello from Nationwide. We are a dedicated team of repossession professionals serving and have a license to serve the complete U.S.A. Our skilled investigators will successfully track and repossess your collateral or property.

It is our commitment as a repossession company to our clients & customers to get you back your collateral as quickly and professionally as possible. Wherever your collateral may be, you can’t hide from Nationwide car repo.

Nationwide Repo is a repossession service that will get back your collateral when no one else has been able to. We offer nationwide repossession services across the United States and Canada.

If other companies have told you they can’t handle your repossession case, please call our phone, we will repossess it for you! An agent is waiting now to take your call and help you receive the best experience possible.

What Is A Repossession Company?

A repossession company can help you get back the property you rightfully own. This is done by skip tracing, which is the art of locating your property. Usually, someone has lent another party with a payment agreement the right to use that property.

When things go wrong and the other party quits paying, repossession services can help you get back what’s yours.

How We Charge Clients For Repossessions & Payments

Our services are handled on a completely contingent agreement. Nationwide Repo will repossess your collateral, or we do not bill our clients.

There is no other repossession company that can beat our rapid response to your repossession service needs. We will handle your case even if other repossessors have told you that your vehicle can’t be found.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

We require you to fill out our hold harmless agreement and let us know if you have the title to the car or whatever you need us to repo. Your experience will be handled by a licensing agent who will ask you a few questions and let you know about the laws of tow and recovery.

What Happens If Nationwide Cannot Find My Car?

We have an open repossession services policy. If our agents are not able to locate your vehicle, you do not pay for towing.

We will continue to try and locate your car for an extended period of time before we close any case in our business. We understand some cases do take longer than others. We will keep you informed during the location process.

What Types Of Things Do You Repossess?

We are able to successfully locate cars, trucks, equipment, motor homes, boats and more. If there is something you do not see mentioned here or you have something our of the ordinary, please give us a call. We take many cases other companies do not.

Can a Repo Company Come on Private Property?

While there are laws that state we have limited access to on driveways in a garage and other property we are many times able to take back a car or other asset while someone takes it out.

Do You Handle Loan or Lender repossession?

Yes, we do. If you are a debt loan provider, bank, private or public, where your clients make payments, we can handle your companies borrower case.